VIIth International Eurasian
Educational Research Congress ONLINE

10-13 September 2020| Anadolu University  TURKEY

EJERCongress 2020

Prof. Christoph WULF

Christoph WULF is Professor of Anthropology and Education and a member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Historical Anthropology, the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB, 1999-2012) “Cultures of Performance,” the Cluster of Excellence (2007-2012) “Languages of Emotion,” and the Graduate School “InterArts” (2006-2015) at the Freie Universität Berlin. His books have been translated into 20 languages. For his research in anthropology and anthropology of education, he received the title “professor honoris causa” from the University of Bucharest. He is Vice-President of the German Commission for UNESCO. Major research areas: historical and cultural anthropology, educational anthropology, rituals, gestures, emotions, imagination, intercultural communication, mimesis, aesthetics, epistemology.

EJERCongress 2020