IXth International Eurasian
Educational Research Congress

- September 2022 | Ege University  TURKEY

IXth International
Eurasian Educational
Research Congress
Main Theme: Migrations Caused by Regional Problems and the Education of Refugees and Disadvantaged Groups





With its rich educational content, the number participants and the unique achievements contributing to science the VIIIth of EJERCongress was held in Aksaray University with the contributions of Aksaray University and ANI Publishing. Due to the pandemic conditions, once again we held our congress online this year. During the congress, there were 3 separate panels, interviews with 4 invaluable veteran educators, 4 invited speakers from various countries of the world, 4 Keynotes, 9 workshops and a Round Table Meeting held on the Zoom Webinar platform for the first time in Turkey with 14 academicians who are experts in their fields. More than 600 papers were presented at our congress, the theme of which was "Education in the Digital Age: Learning, Teaching and Research".

EJERCongress has become the focus of attention of everyone who does not want to close their eyes to scientific platforms and the requirements of the age. Although it was held under the shadow of the pandemic, it attracted great attention both as participants and as listeners. Over ten thousand listeners and viewers followed it on live broadcast. Thus, EJERCongress has put its prestige and competence one step further in our country. We would like to thank our Congress Chairmans Prof. Dr. Özgül Keleş and Assoc. Dr. Şakir Çınkır, who contributed to this unique experience, our invaluable participants and listeners who showed great interest in our congress and honored us with their inestimable participation in these difficult times.

The IXth of EJERCongress, hosted by Ege University, will be held in Izmir next year. We are looking forward to seeing you in İzmir.